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If you have the New York EPPICard – for child support or unemployment benefits and would like to login into your account, there are steps you have to take to do that. This post will give you detailed instructions on how to login to your New York Eppicard account and also retrieve your username and password if you do not remember what they are at the current moment. You first have to locate your eppicard, as you are going to need the card number in case you are unable to remember your user name and password when you try to login in.

"eppicard new york"

Eppicard New York

You first have to log into the website. Click here for the link. This takes you directly to the New York State EPPICard page. On the left hand side of the page, you will be required to enter your user ID. If that User ID is correct, then you will be prompted to enter your password. If you do not remember your User ID, click on the “Forgot User ID” link to retrieve your ID. If you are a New User, then you have to register your card. To register and create an online profile, click on the “New User” link. You will have to enter your card number, create a username and password, enter the CVV, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and email address. If encounter any problems, call the customer New York Eppicard service line at 1-866-461-4093 and they will be able to help you register for a new account and log-in. If you are not able to get a live person on the phone, try again another time as they may be busy.

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